Personal journeys. Personal stories.

Metastatic breast cancer, or MBC, can be all parts frightening and life-changing. Because of that, every woman, caregiver, family member, and friend has unique experiences and important stories to share. Join the MBC community and let everyone know what motivates, strengthens, and informs you on your personal journey.

Living with MBC

As a woman living with MBC or a caregiver, you need information and support to help overcome challenges you may encounter. Although there may be obstacles, it’s important to feel empowered and equipped to handle any situation.

With every step in your journey, we hope to:



Offering women with MBC and their caregivers a safe space to share messages of hope and strength



Helping others outside the MBC community understand what you are going through by offering useful information to raise awareness and understanding about metastatic disease



Sharing information and contributing your messages of encouragement with people in the community who know exactly what it means to live with MBC

Empower others with your stories

Join a community of powerful women sharing messages of support and inspiration.


Knowing more about your disease is the difference between living with MBC and living a life beyond pink.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


Take action this month by sharing your MBC story with a community of empowered women. With your help, we hope to raise awareness for metastatic breast cancer and increase support across the nation.